by Keegan King

Hot off the heels of my time with (The Blood Album) I’ve found myself diving back in to the wild world of early 2000s hardcore and pop-punk; for better or for worse. With that I’ve been doing a sort of “Where Are They Now?!” with my old mix CDs; trying to see if their new songs are more like Fuller House or The Godfather: Part 2.

Things I Learned: From First to Last has a new single and apparently the singer from the era when I listened to them also has another project you may have heard of… Skrillex.

Now I remember the days of “Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count” back in 2005 which, despite its fairly trite title was a pretty inventive little album in its time. Over the years, From First to Last continued on a pretty same-y road, filled with mostly mediocre albums – with the notable exception of their most recent album Dead Trees- and they have been plagued with several different lineups while Skrillex broke off to work on his solo career.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that, not only had Skrillex (his real name is Sonny Moore, but he’ll forever be Skrillex from here on out in my mind) rejoined From First To Last but they had a new single to listen to!

The song is kind of hard to describe, but I think its pretty impressive overall. The music carries a lot of the same intensity that this band is known for and its clear that the EDM/Electronica pedigree that Skrillex has brought with him has upped the complexity dramatically, which is not something I was expecting. Travis Barker apparently sat in on drums which adds its own awesome twist, as he is inclined to do.

The lyrics are mostly inoffensive, but not anything to write home about. Without a hint of irony they reference Snapchat and “scene whore kids” in a vague attempt to be both edgy and relevant. It ends up being the lyrical equivalent of a group of CW executives focus grouping teenage dialogue from adults who still think they understand. While it is clearly a break-up song, I cant help but be kinda worry that the writer is pushing 30 and the subject is just barely over 18. While not strictly illegal, it does border on “kinda icky”.

The Score: 5/10