The posting of the backlog continues! Our apologies in advance for the audio quality of this episode; we were testing out a new mic setup and it did not quite work. You’ll actually be able to hear our new cohost, Ansley Lee, in future episodes! Oh, Ansley’s an official cohost now. That’s right. Our little family is expanding.

Topics of discussion: Ansley’s life dilemma, New York or Portland, M. Ward’s Post War, The Thermals’ Personal Life, Hiccup’s Imaginary Enemies, a long extended discussion of why the Seattle music scene sucks, The Walkmen’s Bows + Arrows, Keegan and Jeff get into a fight, The Matches’ Decomposer, Billy Talent’s Billy Talent II, and we all kind of gush about Rain in Soho for a bit.

Download it here, or listen below.