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New Single: “Make War” by From First To Last

by Keegan King

Hot off the heels of my time with (The Blood Album) I’ve found myself diving back in to the wild world of early 2000s hardcore and pop-punk; for better or for worse. With that I’ve been doing a sort of “Where Are They Now?!” with my old mix CDs; trying to see if their new songs are more like Fuller House or The Godfather: Part 2.

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Episode One- Keegan’s Playlist

Hey all you fancy folks,

Now that our first podcast has gone live, here are some of the songs we talked about! Give it a listen and let us know what you think at distantstationsshow@gmail.com

New Single: “Issues” By Julia Michaels

by Keegan King

Im not the kind of person that usually gets excited when I see a debut single from a songwriter who works with the likes of Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, but in an attempt to branch out from the more aggressive songs I decided to give this one a listen.

Julia Michaels is a 23 year old song writer who writes for many musicians I wouldnt give the time of day to, so I would be lying if I said I had high expectations. I would be continuing to lie if I didnt say- emphatically and without a hint of irony- that this single is amazing.

Julia (we’re, in no way, on a first name basis) writes from a place that I think a lot of us can identify with in this song. The whole song calls out what its like to be a little weird, a little crazy, and attracted to those who share this weird and crazy world with us. She openly owns the idea that she might be unhinged, and the guy in the story might be jealous or intense, but unlike a lot of pop songs it never feels like she’s glorifying abuse. Just glorifying what its like to be young and in crazy, stupid, ill advised love.

Maybe its me reading too much in to it, but there also seems to be a sense of realization that this might just be dumb and young love towards the end of the last verse. Which is exactly the kind of self-reflection that we so often assume that the younger generation is incapable of (largely because we incapable of self-reflection at her age). Any song that lets the paint peel away slightly is always a joy to me, and something that shows why she has been such a hard working songwriter.

I suppose if you take anything away from this review, let it be not to judge a book by its cover and give the song a listen. If nothing else, the nostalgia hit for those of us over 27 might be worth the ride. It can be found on both Youtube and Spotify.

The Score: 7/10

AFI – (The Blood Album)

by Keegan King

Its weird to think that the last time I listened to AFI- with any regularity- was over 10 years ago. Id like to think that in that time I’ve grown into a fully formed adult and am not the kind of person who kills an evening listening to sad music and drawing. Then I noticed that (The Blood Album) showed up on my Spotify and decided to spend the evening regressing rapidly.

Now the eyeliner has taken over.

I am one with the darkness.

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